Neurosurgery That Can Change Lives

Patient care is at the forefront of St. Mary Physician Associates’ neurosurgery clinic.

St. Mary’s Physician Associates Neurosurgery Clinic is proud to help in the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system conditions. Our physicians specialize in the neurosurgical intervention of these conditions, with a focus on improving our patients’ quality of living.

The neurosurgery clinic offers several options for surgical treatment and intervention for a variety of needs and conditions. These treatments include: 

  • General spinal surgery
  • Adult spinal surgery
  • Deformity surgery
  • Spinal tumor surgery
  • Spinal oncology
  • Scoliosis treatment
  • Revisional spinal surgery

Contact St. Mary’s Physician Associates for Neurosurgical Treatment

Patients in Northern Oklahoma with conditions and diseases that affect the brain and nervous system can receive advanced treatment at St. Mary’s Physician Associates.

For a free physician referral for St. Mary’s Neurosurgery clinic, call 580-249-3741. Additionally, be sure to check insurances accepted at St. Mary’s Physician Associates, what items to bring with you the day of appointment and new patient forms.