Advanced Care for Infants to Teenagers

St. Mary’s Physician Associates provides care for babies, young children and teenagers through every stage of development – from the first special moments of infancy to young adulthood. Our clinicians understand the unique care your child needs and are well trained in delivering the appropriate care. We’re here to help your children get the healthcare they need to grow into healthy, strong adults.

Services Provided

We offer a wide range of services, everything from treating an ear infection to managing a complex condition such as diabetes or asthma. This includes:

  • Performing well-child checkups and physical exams
  • Giving vaccinations and making recommendations for immunizations
  • Diagnosing and treating illnesses, injuries, infections and other health problems
  • Prescribing medications
  • Offering general health advice and answering questions about your child’s growth and development
  • Evaluating physical, emotional, and social development and making sure your child is meeting milestones
  • Collaborating with other specialists when needed and referring you to other pediatric specialists when warranted